Beauty Expo, here we are!

Wengu Plastics will participate in the Shanghai Pudong Beauty Expo from May 12th to May 14th Booth No.: M04-05, Hall W5


How to preserve cosmetics?

We often "break the taboo" in the preservation of cosmetics without knowing it until the skin has spots, wrinkles, abscesses and other skin problems. In fact, these skin-damaging phenomena may be caused by cosmetic deterioration. The following cosmetic plastic hose manufacturers introduce how to preserve cosmetics?


The plastics industry completes the transition from high energy consumption to environmental protection

As the awareness of environmental protection has taken root in the hearts of the people, all walks of life have raised energy-saving and emission-reduction standards. The plastic material is not only a low-energy, low-polluting product, but also can be regarded as a low-carbon and energy-saving "ambassador" in almost all downstream industries. As long as plastic is used, it means that energy consumption in this field is reduced.


Guangzhou Wengu Plastics has added an automated production line to achieve the goal of doubling the annual output of various cosmetic hoses!

In March this year, the company launched 10 automated cosmetic hose production line construction projects to improve equipment automation and equipment stability. After being put into operation, it will effectively improve the production efficiency of production equipment and reduce personnel management costs, equipment repairs and maintenance expenses. The goal is to double the annual output of various cosmetic hoses.


Talking about the cosmetic tube packaging of beauty salons

1. The overall structure and function of the plastic hose. 2. Plastic hose body material and its characteristics 3. Plastic co-extrusion hose


The characteristics of cosmetic broken hose

The characteristics of cosmetic broken hose


Brief Introduction of Guangzhou Wengu Plastic (Hose) Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Wengu Plastic (Hose) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-end PE hoses


Guangzhou establishes a Taiwan-related civil and commercial dispute resolution mechanism-You Wengu, chairman of Wengu Plastic Co., Ltd., serves as mediator

The Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court established a Taiwan-related civil and commercial dispute resolution mechanism. Taiwanese You Wengu (Chairman of Wengu Plastic Co., Ltd.) served as mediator and attended the signing ceremony of the memorandum

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