Manufacturing method of multi-massage function ball hose

The utility model relates to a hose, particularly a ball hose with multiple massage functions. Plastic composite ball hose has become one of the main packaging varieties for cosmetics, medicines, and food due to its ease of use, economy and good hygiene.


Facial cleanser hose manufacturers: common features of various cosmetic hose packaging

Facial cleanser hose manufacturers: all kinds of facial cleansers are basically packaged in plastic hoses, ranging in diameter from 30 mm to 60 mm; the volume is between 80 grams and 300 grams; the hose materials are single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer Other varieties; divided into transparent tubes, white tubes, colored tubes, round tubes, oval hoses, etc. Facial cleanser hose manufacturers tell you that there are various caps such as round, flat, pointed, flip, and metal caps. The lid is generally at the bottom of the entire package (easy to use).


The aluminum-plastic pipe manufacturer tells the advantages of aluminum-plastic pipe in one minute

The aluminum-plastic pipe manufacturer tells you that the long-term use temperature is 95 degrees (50 years, IMPa), the use temperature is 110 degrees, and the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum-plastic pipe is small. Similar to the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum, it is only one-sixth of the entire plastic pipe. As the temperature changes, if the amount of deformation is small, and the aluminum-plastic pipe is a flexible coil, the pipe itself can absorb a certain amount of deformation without causing thermal expansion and deformation of the piping system.


What is PE plastic hose packaging?

The PE plastic in the PE plastic hose packaging is actually the polyethylene plastic that is often mentioned in our daily lives. Plastic hose is an important part in our modern industry. Generally speaking, plastic hoses can be designed with solid walls or structural walls. Solvent bonding is the main connection method. If PE plastics are further subdivided, they can be divided according to whether plasticizers are used in the production process, and they will have certain differences in physical properties.


Precautions for purchasing PE plastic hose packaging

In our daily life, the use of PE plastic hose packaging is becoming more and more extensive. Maybe everyone is not familiar with this thing, but feels that it is far away from our lives. But is this really the case? The answer is no. Only by in-depth understanding can we make better judgments. So how can we buy quality-assured PE plastic hose packaging? We have to start from these points.


How to choose a good quality ball hose

As a convenient and economical packaging material, ball hose packaging has been widely used and promoted in the daily chemical industry. Good cosmetic tube packaging can not only protect the contents, but also improve the product level and provide more consumers for daily-use chemical companies. How to choose a high-quality ball hose to suit their products? We will introduce several important aspects.


How is the ball hose made?

Plastic composite ball hose has become one of the main packaging varieties for cosmetics, medicines, and food due to its convenience, economy, and good hygiene. Since the 1990s, my country has introduced a large number of advanced composite hose production equipment, and the development momentum is very strong. According to related reports, the strong growth of skin care products and bath products will drive hose packaging at an above-average speed, especially for upright hoses.


Are cosmetic hose packaging materials divided into main containers and auxiliary materials?

The main containers of cosmetic hoses usually include: plastic bottles, glass bottles and airless bottles. Auxiliary materials usually include: color boxes, office boxes. The commonly used cream bottles, caps, stoppers, pump heads, and dust caps of thick-walled cosmetic containers for cosmetic hoses are injection molded; PET blow molding is a two-step molding, and injection molded product packaging is blow molding.

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