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16 pipe diameter oblique head right angle cap lip gloss hose




Three Beads Scraping Massage Roller Cover

Body Color:

White (Can Be Customized)


100ml (Can Be Customized)

Tube Length :

130mm (Can Be Customized)

Total length:


Body Material:

PE Hose

Apply to:

Body Massage, Shoulder And Neck Relief, Etc.

  • Product information
  • Key words:
    • eye cream
    • cover
    • PE Bottle
  • Product name:D40 three-ball stainless steel scraping massage ball hose
    Pipe diameter:D40mm
    With cover:Three beads scraping massage roller cover
    Tube body color: White (can be customized according to Pantone color card number as required)
    Capacity:100ML (The capacity is determined by the length of the tube and the customer's material)
    The length of the tube: 130mm (the length of the tube can be adjusted as needed)
    Total length of pipe cover:190mm
    Pipe body material:PE hose
    Suitable for: body massage, shoulder and neck relief, etc.
    Analysis of Guangzhou Wengu Plastic Co., Ltd.:
    Guangzhou Wengu Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer mainly engaged in the production of high-end cosmetic hoses, research and development and sales of hoses. It has a number of domestic and international invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents for various products, and has reached strategic cooperation projects with major brands.
    Product specifications that the company can produce:
    Pipe diameter or diameter (mm):D13, D14, D16, D19, D22, D25, D30, D35, D38, D40, D45, D50, D60
    Note: The diameter of the hose is fixed, and the length can be extended or reduced.
    Tube type:Round tube, flat tube, super flat tube, special-shaped tube
    Material:PE double-layer hose, PE five-layer hose, rubber paint hose, PCR hose, aluminum-plastic sheet hose, all-plastic sheet hose, high-gloss aluminized hose, Sugarcane raw material hoses, rubber-coated hoses, paper-plastic composite hoses, pure aluminum tubes, etc.
    Color: The color can be customized according to the Pantone color card or color sample provided by the customer. The color can be transparent, solid or semi-transparent.
    Gloss:Gloss, frosted, rubber paint (fluff texture)
    Printing: Offset printing, silk screen printing, overprinting, overprinting, hot stamping (matte shiny surface), hot silver (matte shiny surface), labeling
    Sealing: Choose tail-sealing or aluminum foil-sealing lock lid bins according to customer needs (choose 1 from 2)
    Lids:Screw caps, flip caps, flip caps, acrylic caps, two-color caps, octagonal caps, water drop caps, waist (thin waist) caps, water transfer caps, pointed mouth caps and other functional caps
    Packaging: Standard packaging or packaging according to customer requirements
    Applicable scope of hose:
    1. Cosmetics (face cleanser, facial cleanser, hand cream, BB cream, sunscreen, sunscreen, body lotion, toothpaste, hair dye, essential oil, eye cream, face cream, shoe polish, etc.)
    2. Foods (jam, condiments, etc.)
    3. Medicines (ointment, acne ointment, scar ointment, scraping ointment, etc.)
    4. Industrial category (glass glue, caulking agent, silicone grease, oil pipe, etc.)
    5. Hotel supplies PE hose (shampoo, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, cleanser, etc.)

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