Are cosmetic hose packaging materials divided into main containers and auxiliary materials?

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The main containers of cosmetic hoses usually include: plastic bottles, glass bottles and airless bottles. Auxiliary materials usually include: color boxes, office boxes. The commonly used cream bottles, caps, stoppers, pump heads, and dust caps of thick-walled cosmetic containers for cosmetic hoses are injection molded; PET blow molding is a two-step molding, and injection molded product packaging is blow molding.

  Cosmetic hose The main containers usually include: plastic bottles, glass bottles and airless bottles. Auxiliary materials usually include: color boxes, office boxes.


  cosmetic hose plastic bottle


  1. Cosmetic hose plastic bottles are generally made of PP, PEK, as, acrylic, pet and other materials


  2. Cosmetic hose thick-walled cosmetic containers commonly used cream bottles, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, pump heads, dust caps are injection molding; PET blow molding is a two-step molding, and injection molded product packaging is blow molding.


      3. PET material is an environmentally friendly material, with high barrier, light weight, not fragile characteristics, chemical resistance, strong transparency, can be made into pearlescent, magnetic white, transparent, widely used To store gel water. It can be used with the pump head.


  4. The packaging material is a moisture-proof bottle. Generally speaking. The positive partition in the iron body is not easy to fill too much, so as to prevent the paste from entering between the inner liner and the acrylic bottle, so as to avoid cracking. The packaging requirements are high during transportation, because the scratches look particularly obvious, the air permeability is high, and the upper wall is thick, but the price is quite expensive.

  Cosmetic hose

  5, cosmetic hose as, ABS: as has better transparency and toughness than ABS.


  6. Mold development cost: The blowing mold is made of stainless steel, which is more expensive than alloys, but it is durable. The mold can be produced many times at one time, depending on the production needs. If the output is large, you can choose four molds and one mold or six molds and one mold, which is determined by the customer.


  7. The color of the cosmetic tube can be selected by your choice, or the effect of pearl powder can be added. Although the bottle cap is matched with the same color masterbatch, sometimes the color will be different due to the different materials used in the cap.


   8. Normal ink and W ink UV ink are better for silk screen printing, and the color should be confirmed when making. The screen printing effect of different materials will be different.


   9. There is a difference between bronzing and silver. The material is hard and the surface is smooth, suitable for bronzing and silver bronzing. A soft surface is not conducive to hot stamping. The gloss of gold and silver hot stamping is better than that of gold and silver printing.


  10. Screen printing negatives to make negatives, the graphic effect is black, the background color is transparent, the hot stamping, silver processing is used to make the positives, and the background color is black. The ratio between the text and the pattern of the cosmetic tube should not be too small or too thin, otherwise the printing effect will not be achieved.


  11. Cosmetic hose bottle caps are generally equipped with inner gaskets, pull caps and inner plugs, mainly considering their tightness and convenience.


  12. The production cycle of cosmetic hoses is relatively moderate, about 15 days. The team grinds bottles in a single color, and flat bottles or special-shaped bottles are calculated in two or multiple colors. Generally, the first silk screen fee or fixture fee is charged.


  cosmetic hose glass bottle


   1. Glass bottles for cosmetic hoses are mainly divided into skin care products, perfumes, essential oils and finger oils. They are small in size, larger than 200ml, and are rarely used in cosmetics.


  2. Glass bottles can be divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. Jars are generally used for solid pastes. Suitable for electrochemical aluminum cap or plastic cap. It is recommended to use a pump head. Care should be taken to prevent the spring and ball from rusting. It is usually necessary to apply the test to the material test. For example, the matching cap needs to be matched with the inner cooler, the water solution is matched with the small hole and the inner plug, and the thicker emulsion is matched with the inner plug. The big hole is cold.


  3.Cosmetic hose The bottle caps are diversified. Common researches include cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, conical, etc., and manufacturers often develop a series of bottle shapes. There are spray, transparent, frosted, translucent color matching, silk screen, hot stamping, hot silver, etc.