Manufacturing method of multi-massage function ball hose

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The utility model relates to a hose, particularly a ball hose with multiple massage functions. Plastic composite ball hose has become one of the main packaging varieties for cosmetics, medicines, and food due to its ease of use, economy and good hygiene.

   This utility model relates to a hose, especially a multi-massage function ball hose.


  Plastic composite ball hose has become one of the main packaging varieties for cosmetics, medicines, and food due to its ease of use, economy, and good hygiene. Related reports show that the strong growth of skin care and bath products will increase the speed of hose packaging faster than average, especially for upright hoses. Ball hose has advantages that other materials can't match, and it has emerged in cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging after its publication. Now it has become an indispensable form of packaging for cosmetics and medicines. Plastic composite hoses are mainly used in the cosmetics industry to pack cream, facial cleansers, shower gels, shampoos, shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, depilatory creams, toothpastes and other products. At present, cosmetics is the customer base of hoses, accounting for about 60% of all hose businesses. Ball hoses are mainly used in the packaging of creams and ointments for external use in the pharmaceutical industry, and medicines account for 15% and 20% of the hose packaging. At present, most of the hoses are used to apply ointment to the skin by hand, and massage the skin to absorb the plaster. Once the hands are not clean, the plaster will be contaminated. The massage effect of the hands on the skin is not obvious, and there is no absorption of the plaster on the skin. help. At the same time, in the process of squeezing the paste on the hand, it is difficult to control the squeezed amount of the paste, which is prone to waste.

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  Utility model content The technical problem that the utility model needs to solve is to provide convenient, hygienic, massage-promoting skin absorption plasters, and adjust the amount of ointment extrusion. The technical problem solved by the utility model can realize the multi-massage ball hose through the following technical solutions: the tubular body and the mold set on the top of the tubular body have three round holes on the top of the column head, and each round hole has a bead suitable for the size of the round hole. , The connecting center line of the three balls is set as an equilateral triangle. In particular, an ointment hole is opened at the bottom of the walnut, which can enter the ointment. The result of adopting these technical solutions is that the utility model applies the ball to massage the skin during application, promotes the absorption of the plaster by the skin, avoids direct contact with the plaster by hand, and at the same time controls the amount of plaster squeezed out to prevent unnecessary squeezing of the plaster. The waste caused by out.


The specific implementation method of    ball hose


   In order to facilitate the understanding of the technical means, creative features, purpose and effects of the utility model, the new practical plan is further elaborated. Multi-ball massage function Ball hose (including the tube 100 and the main body 200 matching the top of the tube 100), the main body 200 is composed of a protective sleeve 300, and the protective sleeve 300 is set as an internal thread (not shown). The external thread 110 on the top of the tube 100 is connected with the thread to protect the head 200 from contamination.